Why choose Jeffrey?

Saving Honeybees or overseeing extermination of other pests is a passion of Jeffrey's.  He works to preserve the integrity of your structure or landscaping while performing your removal.  He completed a four year degree from the University of Kansas and worked in Information Technology for 20 years.  
aving performed over a hundred bee removals, you will benefit from Jeffrey utilizing his techniques developed by reflecting on observed patterns in previous cases.

Jeffrey's opened and sealed shingled roofs, exterior walls, interior walls and ceilings, floors from the exterior and interior, soffits, patio ceilings and more.  He's removed bees from inexpensive homes, multi-million dollar homes, apartments, restaurants, churches, hotels and more.   Jeffrey carries $3,000,000 in liability coverage.

A beekeeper needs construction skills to do the work properly.  Jeffrey's cleaned up more than one unsuccessful removal job.  Sealing the honeybees into a structure with foam/or caulk does not work for established colonies.  Honeybees are ingenious at finding entryways just over one-eighth inch in diameter.  Jeffrey can photographs as proof the removal was done correctly, and explain why it was done correctly.

Choosing a Bee Removal Professional
KS and MO does not regulate the bee removal profession.  However, there is some universal wisdom that can be gained from the University of Florida website on selecting a bee removal professional:  


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