Repel Bees FAQs

Got too many honeybees around your house?  Bees like both flowers and pollen that can be found on trees or bushes.  Spaying a poslon around your house will not will not repel honeybees.  Go non-toxic and be effective in your efforts:  Apply Fischer's Bee-Quick® with a garden sprayer.  Reapply each time it has been washed off.  It has a nice fragrance of essential oils.

Got honeybees on your hummingbird feeders?  Take them down and leave them down until honeybees have flowers to forage upon (most frequently after a drought is over).

The following are options for dealing with honeybees in trash cans or dumpsters:
  • Trash can be accessed during night hours when honeybees are not foraging.  (Honeybees most often forage in daylight).
  • Seal trash from honeybees by restricting access (seal openings to containers).
  • Dispose of sweet attractive items in tightly sealed trash bags.  
  • Spray area with Fischer's Bee-Quick® to repel bees.  
    • Dispense repellent using a garden sprayer.  
    • Spray with fine mist daily as needed.
    • Increase application frequency and quantity as needed.
    • Note: diluting repellent in sprayer diminishes effectiveness.