Flying, stinging, insect problems resolved

Vanishing Bees

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receive a number of calls regarding ground hornets and yellow jackets.  They are in the ground, around brush piles, in walls, and around roofline gutters.  These type of insects are particularly aggressive.  Call me to resolve your issue quickly.
We save Honeybees or exterminate pests.  Visit the insect identification page to know our next course of action.  
Jeffrey has removed 160+ structural honeybee colonies and dozens of swarms. He categorizes removals as three basic types:  structural colony removalswarm removal and tree colony removal.  Honeybee colonies are removed live and relocated.  Reasons to remove honeybees live are covered under structural colony removals.

Jeffrey recommends caution around established honeybee colonies.  Africanized honeybees have been found in Kansas City, MO according to Dr. Chip TaylorProfessor, Insect Ecology, University of Kansas.  Africanized honeybees were reported to have made it through a harsh winter in Palisade, Colorado.  Which means they are adapting to colder climates.

Scheduling Removals

Structural Colony removals are prioritized by urgency (like your roofers are coming the next week).  Swarm removals are timely and Jeffrey will prioritize your removal to avoid having them settle into your home, business or landscaping.

Quotes for Removals

Jeffrey quotes reasonable amounts for Structural Colony Removals and performs both the removal and repairs in most cases.  Additional services are available to complete complicated repairs that include stucco, carpet stretching and brick or stone repair.  Work is completed timely and according to professional standards.
Flying, stinging, insect problems resolved:  Contact Jeffrey at (913) 440-4703 or
Ask for proof of liability insurance.  No complaints, ever! (Only members who pay the BBB are "Accredited").